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We Accelerate Growth

Our unique approach to innovation is rooted in strategy and focused on delivering meaningful growth. By leveraging the creative intelligence of our exclusive global brain trust. ProdigyWorks helps you identify disruptive growth opportunities to outpace the competition and drive business success.

Our unique team of innovators, High-IQ Geniuses, Creative Thinkers and Industry Experts are poised to quickly, efficiently and successfully solve your most complex growth and innovation challenges.

ProdigyWorks helps clients identify blue-sky growth platforms. We work with large and small companies, identify new business categories, new product innovations, and new markets with the greatest opportunity for success.  We moved Arm & Hammer into new distribution channels, Highmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield into new businesses and we helped OREO, the world’s biggest Cookie, get even bigger.

New Product Development

After a particular innovation engagement with Braun, our client said that what we accomplished in six weeks, would have taken their company six monthspeople
to do. Our sweet spot is creating new product concepts – and we have it down to a science.

Diverse Companies like P&G, Bayer Healthcare, and Mondelez turn to us when they want compelling new ideas that drive success. Our High-IQ Prodigy Panelists are extremely creative and bring in knowledge from outside the category to keep ideas fresh and exciting.

Solving Complex Problems

domeLeading companies in industries as diverse as CPG, financial services, healthcare, food services, insurance, and information technology turn to ProdigyWorks thinkers to change paradigms, offer new thinking and solve complex problems.  We provide quick, efficient and successful solutions to your business and consumer-focused challenges.

ProdigyWorks provides a clearly mapped strategy and defined deliverables, but never a cookie-cutter approach to your engagement.

Brand Extension StrategyBrand-Strategy-medium

This isn’t afternoon brainstorming. This is game changing innovation.

The kind of innovation that accelerates success by bringing companies like HP into entirely new categories, exposing brands like Arm & Hammer to new audiences and opening up new revenue streams that deliver significant stakeholder value.

Brilliant Naming

Is your company hitting roadblocks developing names that foster deep brand loyalty?

A ProdigyWorks’ name is proven to paint a clear picture of what your product is, while boosting its stature, so it stands out in a crowd. The creation of new names does not come from “Eureka!” moments of inspiration, but are developed through our thoughtful, creative and collaborative methodology.


What new products and services will emerge over the next five or ten years? How can you anticipate and address specific customer needs with new product offerings
Business strategy has to take into account continuous change in nearly every aspect of society. For global companies, that means understanding how change is unfolding in key regions around the world, and what impact change will have on tomorrow’s customers.

Digital Technology


Is your company struggling to find new ways to out-distance competitors and connect with customers across new integrated digital technologies?

The digital revolution has expanded beyond websites and social media. Innovative smartphone apps have put your customer within arms’ reach, but the greatest opportunities lie within the endless possibilities of wearable technologies and the seamless integration of the Internet of Things.

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