Brand Extension Licensing

How Far Can Your Brand Grow?

treeThis isn’t afternoon brainstorming.  This is game changing innovation.

The kind of innovation that accelerates success by bringing companies like HP into entirely new categories, exposing brands like Arm & Hammer to new audiences and opening up new revenue streams that deliver significant stakeholder value.

It’s a fact. Your brand equity is one of your company’s most valuable, and likely underutilized assets. Extending your brand into a new category is much less expensive and less risky than creating a new business unit or launching a new brand.

Our approach to brand extensions doesn’t just use the equity built up in your brand but takes advantage of new trends emerging in the consumer marketplace to identify, elevate and reinforce those brand values to new audiences and through new channels.

We work with great brands, like yours, to identify new white space and uncover the most lucrative Brand Extension and Licensing opportunities.

Originating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of LMCA, one of the world’s largest brand extension licensing firms, you can say it’s in our DNA.

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