Creating Impactful Names That Connect With Your Customers

naming-iconIs your company hitting roadblocks developing names that foster deep brand loyalty?

A ProdigyWorks’ name is proven to paint a clear picture of what your product is, while boosting its stature, so it stands out in a crowd. The creation of new names does not come from “Eureka!” moments of inspiration, but are developed through our thoughtful, creative and collaborative methodology.

Our Prodigy teams have helped major companies like Diageo, and Coca-Cola create new brand identities that are memorable and, most importantly, sell.  When The Coca-Cola Company had a difficult naming challenge, they came to ProdigyWorks. After ideation and research we named a new global franchise for Coca-Cola which is enjoyed by millions of consumers in over 12 counties.

See the delicious case study below.

What’s the secret to our successful naming?

By tapping into our global network of High-IQ geniuses and creative experts, ProdigyWorks is able to generate names that result in meaningful customer connections. During a naming challenge we immerse our strategic teams in your brand.


We identify targeted creative Prodigy Panelists including, high IQ writers, creative copywriters and professional naming consultants. Together, they bring a broad knowledge base, skilled wordsmithing capabilities and immense vocabularies.

Ideating online through our creative global portal around key themes, they quickly create 100’s of potential names. We then carefully screen our names to ensure viability. The result is a ProdigyWorks name that is distinctive, memorable and created to establish relationships with your desired target audiences.

Whether you need OTC naming experts in Germany or creative writers in China, ProdigyWorks accesses precisely the right individuals from 20 countries – from linguists and lawyers to educators and copywriters – All with a passion for writing, language and for creating compelling messaging.

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