Solving Complex Problems


Solving Your Complex Problems Is What We Do Best

Leading companies in industries as diverse as CPG, financial services, healthcare, food services, insurance, and information technology turn to ProdigyWorks thinkers to change paradigms, offer new thinking and solve complex problems.  We provide quick, efficient and successful solutions to your business and consumer-focused challenges.

ProdigyWorks provides a clearly mapped strategy and defined deliverables, but never a cookie-cutter approach to your engagement. Best of all, our proven accelerated methodology promotes delivery of actionable recommendations and results to you in weeks, instead of months.  You engage with at least a dozen consultants, not sticking to one point of view.

We thrive on solving your most difficult problems. For AT&T we developed environmentally-friendly solutions on how to recycle 20 million land line phones. For Cardinal Health, we discovered new technology solutions to effectively connect a network of disparate hospital systems.

We know that surprising combinations of smart and creative people spark the most ground-breaking ideas. With more than ten years of experience, our thoughtful recruiting of cross-discipline panels helps ProdigyWorks bring a truly innovative, new perspective to your challenge.

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