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Who do you want solving your toughest business challenges?

There’s a reason some of the world’s greatest companies, like Bayer Healthcare and Unilever and leading brands like HP and Coca-Cola turn to ProdigyWorks to help solve their toughest challenges and accelerate innovation.

It’s equal parts chemistry, energy, and a deep-rooted passion for solving problems. It’s what fuels our team and our exclusive network of brilliant minds and creative thinkers. At ProdigyWorks we specialize in combining and collaborating with the perfect mix of the world’s brightest and most creative minds to solve your toughest innovation challenges quickly, efficiently, successfully.

But more than access to our exclusive, super-charged brain trust, we bring together an unprecedented level of thought diversity, derived from a strategic mix of close-in, adjacent, and outside category thinkers. Through intelligent crowd-sourcing, we tap into panels of Brilliant Moms, Mensa High-IQ thinkers, renowned industry experts and inventors.

Harnessing the creative intelligence of these Prodigy Panels produces unexpected insights, accelerates the innovation process and results in unique industry-leading solutions.

Interested in putting your Creative Intelligence to work?

Benefits of joining the Prodigies network:

  1. Collaborate with passionate problem solvers
  2. Create solutions to problems that matter
  3. Work with the Best Brains in the Business
  4. Financial compensation for members selected to join our Client Engagement Challenge teams
  5. Prizes for occasional Open Innovation Challenge winners

Does this sound like a fit for you?

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